Mar 1


First Holy Communion-one of the most important day for your child to come and its time to start and get ready . Now we can ask what your child wants . What style they dream to wear on that special day in their life .We can make communion dress from any kind of material ..pure silk ,satin, chiffon , make cute matching handbags with handbeaded details, wales or any head pieces to make your girl look unique and happy!This is just some examples of my work , but anything your daughter wants can be done!

Alot of brides keep their wedding dress so they can re-make them for their daughters communion day , so it would lead them through generations and to keep as a family treasure,so it’s a nice gesture ,as it makes them feel special knowing that this was worn on their mamys special day. If you have more than one daughter you want to keep the same dress in the family,but since your first daughter have worn it already we can change something  slightly to make it feel special for your younger girl again. So think of how can you use it or re-make it ,you can ask me for some help and we can start working on it together.


Mummy’s don’t FORGET you have to look good too!!